Pricing Guide

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How Much Will it Cost ?

Where ever you buy, these are the costs to be budgeted for :-

  • Removal of the existing cabinets and debris.
  • Design, manufacture and installation of the new cabinets.
  • Trade works such as Plumbing, Electrical, Tiling and Plastering.
  • Appliances, a big variation in prices depending on quality chosen, allow plenty of time in order to make the right choice.
  • Light fittings.
  • Floor coverings.
  • The painting of the ceiling and walls etc.

All these items need to be budgeted for in order to know the full price of your new kitchen.

Don't be fooled by advertisements and companies that leave half of these items out attempting to appear cheap. By leaving half the items out it halves the price and can be very misleading. Avoid companies that wont give firm prices on trade works as these are quite often under estimated again this can be quite misleading and you will ultimately have to pay the difference.

Be realistic with the amount you are prepared to spend.

Each kitchen needs to be designed and assessed individually to help you put it together:

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